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What’s my immune system doing during an IBD flare?

IBD flares are hard to predict, and not well understood. Contribute to this study, and help IBD Warriors navigate future flares.


San Francisco, USA


Tatyana Dobreva, PhDDavid Brown

Tatyana Dobreva, PhD

David Brown

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27.8% of IBD patients experience one or more flares every week.

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of IBD patients experience one or more flares every week

Our goal with this study is to enable citizen science with actionable outcomes. Patients with autoimmune disorders such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) face unpredictable flares, periods of persistent and painful inflammation. Almost one third of patients experience flares on a weekly basis. We need a better understanding of flares and their progression. With our technology, IBD patients will self-collect their samples, during both flares and stable conditions, providing us with an unprecedented snapshot of the immune system. With this opportunity for timely and accessible sampling, we hope to uncover the biological signals underlying flares.

Project Length8 months
GoalWe hope to identify a molecular signature for understanding IBD flares and their progression.
Research TypeExploratory, Clinical Research
Research Team
ImYoo is matching all funds up to $41,129!


Decentralizing immune studies with at-home blood collection and high-resolution data

ImYoo is a Public Benefit Corporation. Therefore we are dedicating a portion of our revenue to enriching society’s understanding of human health. We believe that scientific discovery is a group effort, so we are matching your support for this first crowdfunded project.

We believe in radical transparency and collaboration. That means every step of the process, from study design to funding to final results and analysis are visible to you. This project is a joint effort between participants and researchers, so we are showing you all the costs involved in this research, including the portion our team is covering.