What’s my immune system doing during an IBD flare?

IBD flares are hard to predict, and not well understood. Contribute to this study, and help IBD Warriors navigate future flares.

ImYoo Inc
ImYoo Inc
San Francisco, USA
Tatyana Dobreva, PhDDavid Brown, PhD

Tatyana Dobreva, PhD

David Brown, PhD

Project Summary


of IBD patients experience one or more flares every week

Our goal with this study is to enable citizen science with actionable outcomes. Patients with autoimmune disorders such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) face unpredictable flares, periods of persistent and painful inflammation. Almost one third of patients experience flares on a weekly basis. We need a better understanding of flares and their progression. With our technology, IBD patients will self-collect their samples, during both flares and stable conditions, providing us with an unprecedented snapshot of the immune system. With this opportunity for timely and accessible sampling, we hope to uncover the biological signals underlying flares.

Project Length8 months
GoalWe hope to identify a molecular signature for understanding IBD flares and their progression.
Research TypeExploratory, Clinical Research
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