Breast Cancer

Pursuing a cure for breast cancer relapse using recent advances in technology

Map out breast cancer tumors from 500 women at risk for relapse and use technology to find weaknesses in the tumor that can lead to treatments.

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, at University of Toronto
Toronto, Canada
Dr. Mathieu Lupien
Senior Scientist
Dr. David Cescon
Clinician Scientist


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The Impact of Breast Cancer

While current therapies can be effective, treatment fails for many women with breast cancer. They go on to experience incurable relapses due to limited treatment options. The breast cancers that are most likely to relapse tend to affect younger women, amplifying impacts on the individual and families.

1 in 8

The number of women who will develop invasive breast cancer in their lifetime.


The approximate number of Americans diagnosed with breast cancer each year.


The percentage of breast cancer patients who relapse and die after standard therapy.

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Turning Tumor Weaknesses Into Treatment Opportunities

We still don’t fully understand why standard breast cancer therapy fails. Recent advances in technologies and artificial intelligence enable us to study breast cancer relapse with clarity like never before. We want to create and analyze an atlas of changes that occur in tumors that relapse to find new treatments.

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Over 30 Years Experience in Breast Cancer Research

Our leadership embodies our scientific rigour and clinical excellence. Drs. Lupien and Cescon combine over 30 years of experience in breast cancer research. In 2016, they joined forces to build a dream team of 10 world-experts and their staff (>100). They are set on finding a cure for breast cancer relapse.

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