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Profound progress is only possible when we act together. Champions connect with the ImYoo team, engage their communities, and impact the future of science for those affected by autoimmune conditions.



As a Champion, you enable citizen science and shape the future of autoimmune discovery.

Choose a project that’s meaningful to you
Select a world leading project to get behind
Support and share the research
100% of funds raised supports the research directly
Use Kernls tools to share and raise funds
Step by step campaign instructions
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Support whenever you need it
Receive exclusive updates about the research
Hear directly from the researchers leading your project
Learn about advancement, breakthroughs and findings right when they happen
Share research updates with the community that supported you along the way

Share firsthand insights with your community and learn all about the research that matters to you.

What is a Champion?

Champions have experienced an illness-first hand, and are motivated to support the most promising research in that area.

What do Champions do?

Champions become advocates for the research they care about, using Kernls tools to share and raise funds for the project they’re supporting.

What do Champions get?

Champions learn right away about news and updates for their projects, often directly from the researchers leading the way.


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